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The Big Three Demo

Sampling is absolutely NECESSARY for brand discovery in retail stores, especially for start up and emerging CPG food & beverage brands. It's the most effective way to build brand awareness, target your customer, and create that positive first experience when someone first discovers your brand.

There is great power in collaboration, and we have most certainly unleashed it since starting this program. We don't just sample in-store... we make in-store sampling an EXPERIENCE.


How does a "Multi Brand Demo" work?

It's just like your typical demo, but with multiple brands (3-5  brands) instead of 1.   Actually - it really isn't just like your typical demo- it's much more.

We like to refer to it as a "kitchen party", or a "mini in-store trade show"- our demos are like little pop-ups where customers can discover and experience better for you brands first hand.

Each brand has their own section on the table- this includes a sample tray, a stylish info card- tailored to your branding- that includes a QR to your website, and coupons/ pamphlets/ anything  you want us to include.

How we sample Page

Our Brand Ambassadors

...are only the best there are! We believe the brand ambassador standing behind the demo table is what makes or breaks a demos success.

Trust us when we say that we only work with brand ambassadors that are high energy, personable, and excited about food & local/ Canadian products

Our demo staff:

- have their Food Safe Level 1

- have undergone extensive sampling + sales training

- wear gloves during the duration of the demo

- absolutely don't sit there on their phones!

- are passionate about Better for You brands!


Our Demo Set-up

Our Big 3 demos consist of 3 brands at a 4ft table, with one Multi Brand Sampling ambassador.

Each brands' section on the demo table includes a white sample tray, signage and plenty of product displayed at the table for instant purchases.

Refridgerated Products: Your products are kept in ice on the table, near your sample tray.

Frozen Products: We use empty boxes/ bags of your products for the product display!

"Sampling Today" Stickers

We stick 'Sampling Today' stickers in front of the products we are sampling at our demos, to help customers find the products they just sampled. A small detail- but an impactful one!


"Find Me In Aisle _" Cards

Each brands' section on the table includes a "find me in aisle" card, which informs the customer on where in the store they can find the product & how much it costs.

Once again- a tiny detail that makes a world of a difference!

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