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Who started this whole Multi Brand thing?


Introducing the Chilcott girls...

"As an partner in a local Food and Beverage brand, I understand the importance of a sampling! In store sampling is a MUST!"  In my opinion the most difficult issue with demos was the cost and also how time consuming sampling can be. Multi Brand Sampling was created as a way for brands to share in the cost of a demo and to leverage each other's social media reach". 

Rhoda Chilcott, Middle

The goal and vision is that Multi Brand Sampling will:

  • Allow brands to do more demos 

  • Create more sampling opportunities for Demo People

  • Increase sales in retail stores

  • Create innovative and effective sampling programs

"My daughter's, Camryn (Left) and Madison (Right) have sampled my product (ACVeveryday...not the easiest of products to sample) for the past 6 years.  By default- this has lead to both of them developing a great passion for sampling and connecting with customers behind a demo table!"

IMG-1719 (1).jpg

Madi Chilcott

Co-founder/ Chief Energizer

"I've literally grown up around the food and beverage industry!  Whether it was working in a commissary (filling bottles of my Mom's ACV beverage concentrates) or working at local Farmer's Markets, I have seen how challenging but incredibly rewarding this business is!"

"Back in August 2021, I watched my Mom experiment with unique ways to sample her products during the COVID pandemic. She partnered up with some fellow small brand owners, and she put little sealed samples of everyone's products into little take home sample bags, and handed them out at retail grocery stores."  " I became as passionate and obsessed as my Mom in regards to all of the innovative and affordable ways to sample CPG brands and I was excited to put my Gen Z spin on it!"

And thats how Multi Brand Sampling Co was created!

IMG-1719 (1).jpg
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