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We are the future of in-store sampling

What is it?

We make in-store sampling an experience.

What is Multi Brand Sampling Co.?

Multi Brand Sampling Co is a collaborative, in store sampling program that brings 3-5 "better for you" brands together: either as an open/traditional sampling group for customers to enjoy at the table, or a sample bag that customers/ retail staff can take home and try in the comfort of their own home!


Think of it like a mini in-store trade show.

Our demos are a place where customers can discover and experience your products at first hand!

Our demos are a place where customers can try amazing 'Better For You' brands, chat with one of our Multi Brand ambassadors, and fall in love with new products... YOUR products! We ensure that the first time some one experiences your brand- it's a positive and memorable experience.

Our Retail Partners

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We're affordable

Brands share demo costs and your products are sampled with brands that compliment 


We understand

We understand Small and Medium Brands and have YEARS of sampling experience

We prioritize food safety

Food safety is of utmost importance to us. Members of our sampling crew all hold Food Safe certification & wear gloves for the duration of the demo.


It seemed like the last trade show ever...the CHFA West, February 2020.  Rhoda's company had just launched a line of sparkling apple cider vinegar beverages and the plan was to introduce their product to as many buyers as possible and then to sample the products in these new retail accounts. Their product tasted amazing and had incredible natural benefits - and once customers tried it...they bought it!!  Great plan, right?

March 2020 - COVID hit and put a halt on all of those sampling plans. Pushed to get creative, Rhoda & her team put together a group of likeminded small brand owners and began to discuss sampling alternatives. They also began to discuss how their current sampling programs were super expensive and not really that effective in return.

The Chilcott ladies have years of sampling experience

Meet Madi & Rhoda Chilcott- a.k.a the ideal mother/daughter girl boss team.


In this new super sanitized world - they set out to find affordable, effective and fun ways to sample. We have learned many things over these last few years - but one of the things that has really stood out is that there is power in collaboration and community.  

Rhoda's daughter Madison, known as Madi Chilcott online- the social media TikTok queen herself, took great interest in this new collaborative sampling program her mom had started up- and just had to hop on board. She knew she could use her social media strengths to make this program really kick ass.

Thus the Multi Brand Sampling Co- as well as the Mother Daughter dream team- was created!  


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